Pluck my eye balls out and call me the devil

I am in hell.


And literal.


I am marking undergraduate course work.

I can feel the waves of your sympathy through the wifi….

I put together a very unique assignment which means that plagiarism is zero. Unfortunately, because Wikipedia isn’t any use for this assignment I’ve had to wade through dirge and shite for the past month.

I seriously considered hiri kiri. Edward II’s hot poker was looking like an option for a while. I was even thinking the Gunpowder plotters had a less painful ending than what I was experiencing.

I may even have been mesmerised by the imperfectly formed turds swimming past my eyes.

If only students would READ THE FLIPPIN’ QUESTION and stop vomiting lecture notes back onto the page to submit for marking.

To think, in 7 months these people will be graduates.

January is the last chance to rectify this imminent error and rig the basement in the exam venue with some sticks of dynamite….


Otherwise, they were a great class!


Am I talking out of my ass?

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