Don’t underestimate the usefulness of trained monkeys….or dogs in student feedback

I have decided that rather than spending the next three weeks dutifully marking essays and providing feedback, which most students don’t even read, I am spending the time training my dog to do the task.

Last year, she contributed her own comments to some exam scripts, as evidenced by several dirty paw marks. Her general view was that they were of low quality, and this was evidenced by her trying to paw them under the sofa.

So, I think this is a promising start. She can recognise dirge when she sees it; I just need to get her to recognise the rare pink unicorn when it comes along. Given that this happens so rarely I don’t think I need be overly concerned.

Now, if only she could answer the inevitable emails I get once the marks are released complaining about how I have failed to recognise their genius and can I remark their essay…..


Am I talking out of my ass?

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