It’s ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

There comes a point when work just HAS to take a back seat. Such as when dead grant applications grow legs and crawl out from under the chaos that is the mess of the home office. Now, bearing in mind that I believe that the floor is legitimate stacking space, there does come a point when the % of walking space is less than everything stacked on the floor. And I was starting to feel like my mind was being reflected back at me in the chaos of my living room floor. So, rather than putting in a full days work today, I took a couple of hours off to tidy up at home.

And, my god, I have a DESK. I had been wondering this past month what those legs where sticking out from underneath the piles of papers. I guess that’s what my phone, PC and stacks and stacks of memos have been sat on all this time. And, I apparently have 3 laptops [all with cases], a tablet, 5 “experiment notebooks” [To Boss: All Half Full, can’t comment on quality, but given that we’re already under the kosh of REF2020, it’s quantity that matters], three lava lamps, four pairs of crocs from Lidls, and 20 stats books that all say exactly the same thing. Those are, however, to be expected in the academic’s home office. What was a surprise was the hoover…..



Am I talking out of my ass?

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