The flippin cheek of it!

I received an outrageous letter from the World Society for the Protection of Animals last week. Each month I give a donation to the charity. I whole heartedly support what they do but that is not what I found incredibly cheeky.

In an effort to raise more funds they were informing me that they were altering my direct debit to take MORE money from me. If I didn’t want to do it I had to contact them and opt out.


Dear WPSA, it is a voluntary donation I give you. It is not your automatic right to take me for every penny I have. As it is a donation it is extremely cheeky to up it and require that I opt out.

If you had asked me to increase the monthly donation I probably would have. As you’re trying to fleece me in an underhand and dishonest way I will most definitely be opting out.

A few years ago they phoned me and asked if I would up my £10 a month to £45! That was rather cheeky as well!

Thing is, charities forget that when we decide to make a regular donation they are receiving money from a finite salary. Donaters giver a lot of thought as to which charities to support on a regular basis. Red Cross last year told me that only 8% of the UK population regularly donate and it is the same people giving to multiple charities. £10 might not seem like a lot but if you multiply it by several charities it does add up.



Am I talking out of my ass?

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