Have you seen Tess?

As someone who prefers dogs over people my heart breaks whenever I hear of a missing dog


You may have heard through the media about Tess, the guide dog who has gone missing.

The six-year-old black curly coated retriever disappeared while walking off-lead with her owner in Nairn, a seaside town about 16 miles east of Inverness. Obviously this is an extremely distressing situation, particularly for the guide dog owner, and we are doing absolutely everything in our power to reunite the partnership.

We have enlisted the help of local organisations and agencies in the effort to find Tess, including the police, dog wardens, veterinary practices and the SSPCA (Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

Guide dog Tess

We have been in touch with rail networks, as well as Royal Mail to get word out to postal workers and drivers.

An appeal was launched in local media shortly after Tess’s disappearance on 23 July and thousands of people have now got behind it on Facebook and Twitter.

Guide Dogs volunteers and supporters have been playing a vital role in our appeal to help find Tess and we’d like to ask for your support too.

Although she went missing in Scotland, Tess could now be in any part of the UK, so we really do need everyone’s help to find her. If you see a dog who looks like Tess for sale in your local area, or notice that someone has recently acquired a black curly coated retriever, or if you have any other concrete information which may help us, please get in touch with us immediately on 0800 688 8409. Please do not reply directly to this email.

We are running a poster campaign to widen the appeal. Please download our new official poster and share it on Facebook or Twitter, or print it off and display it in your window (particularly if you live in Scotland).

The more people who support our appeal, the better our chances of finding Tess and reuniting her with her owner.




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