Why should you pay for Sherlock twice?

I was thinking about this, and its one of the biggest con jobs around today.

In the UK, you pay your TV licensing fees, that covers sponsorship of the BBC and allows them to produce content for you to watch on your TV, as well as being the law.

The BBC also releases its most popular shows on DVDs. And, if you’ve ever bought Sherlock, Spooks or This Life, you’ll now how ludicrously expensive they are for what you get. Seriously, £25 for three episodes of Sherlock? If you want to know why people illegally download, I give you Exhibit A, m’lord. 24 episodes of a US network show will cost you around £25; three episodes of a BBC series will cost you the same.

Likewise, does the BBC have any right to automatically delete your iPlayer downloads after a certain period? You’ve paid for them already.

But, if you actually think about it, YOU’VE already paid for it once already when you paid your license fee. Why should you have to pay a further £25 to get it again? Shouldn’t all BBC content be free to TV license payers?

So, get down to your local HMV or supermarket and nick a copy. I’ll be your character witness when you get caught.


Am I talking out of my ass?

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