Clive Myrie…Fuck you!

Dear Clive Myrie

A quick note from Scotland.

We Scots find it offensive when you state that Scotland only has a few days of summer each year, which were last week, and now it is Autumn. This is just the typical type of parochial thinking that we’ve come to expect from twats like you from London. Fuck off back there before the Glasgwegians get you outside the stadium.

Of course, because of your parochial thinking, which is shared by the rest of the London knobs at the BBC, you are blind to the fact that everyone outside the UK thinks that it rains constantly in England/London too. Why do you think that 300 miles means that London and Glasgow have such drastically different weather.

Fuck you.

And good luck getting home tonight.

PS, your incessant drivelling on about bugger all is seriously annoying. Go back to reading the auto-cue.


Am I talking out of my ass?

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