Douwe Egberts…tut tut!

I’ve blogged here before about how some products are becoming exceedingly difficult to open. Vitamin tablets are a prime one. I’ve been known to take a hammer to the tops of some of them.

Today I managed to break a jar of Douwe Egberts coffee! It required a knife to get it open and then the lid wouldn’t go back on. A bit of bruit force and the jar smashed spilling glass fragments into the coffee.

And, apparently, DE know about this problem and have “redesigned” the jars to make them easier to open although they look identical to how they have always been. They even have a “how to open the jar” guide on their website.

Here is a hint DE: If you require a how-to guide to open your product then it is badly designed.

Another hint: you shouldn’t require a strapping 18 year old guy to be on hand to open anything.

All of these products are in violation of the Equal Opps laws which state that something shouldn’t be a serious impediment to anyone with a disability in accessing something.

DE: get it sorted!


Am I talking out of my ass?

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