William Hague: The people’s Tory?

I was rather disappointed to hear today that William Hague has been removed as Foreign Secretary and will retire as an MP next year. The cabinet is being reshuffled to make room for more women in time for the election next year.

Firstly, I am not, and will never be, a Tory voter, but William Hague is a decent down to earth guy who did a really good job as Foreign Secretary and I am actually quite disappointed to see him go. Cameron is a muppet as Hague is one of the few Tory Cabinet MPs who is actually measured and reasonable and would be a better face of the Tory party than the rest of the idiots in his cabinet.

Secondly, does Cameron think we are idiots? Does he think that, a year from the election, we don’t see this for what it is? The Tory’s have been in for four years with very few women in the cabinet. Does he really think we will fall for this last minute reshuffle? Will those women keep their jobs post-election? If Cameron actually cared about this issue then the women should have been in-post at the start of the Tory’s term, not at the end.

Thirdly, the two cabinet members that SHOULD go are Teresa May and Michael Gove. If Hague is the acceptable face of a “new” Tory party, these two are the unacceptable face by a long shot. They are both narrow minded, xenophobic, and idiots. No amount of evidence against their policies makes any difference. They ignore it and attack the people behind the research because their findings do not support their parochial policies. The idea that either them are future Tory leaders is scandalous and a perfect indicator that the Tory party is out of touch with the people.


Am I talking out of my ass?

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