No-one bullshits quite like the BBC

Dear lord. If there was an award for bullshitting then the BBC would win.

Here’s the problem: It’s the final of the World Cup. It goes to extra time. BBC decide to make it their “leading story” on the 10pm news. Golden opportunity for BBC News to spend the entire extra time section bullshitting about nothing in the hope that someone scores while they are reporting on it.

We get endless talk about defending well, attacking well, but at least that is vaguely relevant (and I do mean vague seen as no-one with any football knowledge is actually doing the reporting). But when the reporters start talking about the weather, dancing and what the fans are eating, then you know that you are in the 9th circle of BBC bullshit hell.

BBC, save it for the next royal funeral procession. We don’t want to hear non-news.


Am I talking out of my ass?

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