Showing pictures of headless fat people does not protect their identity

Why is it when the media want to run a negative health story they go out and take pictures of videos of parts of people’s bodies without their consent?

There was a twoofer on BBC Breakfast this morning: headless fat people and eyeless smokers.

Why should BBC or ITV be allowed to go out on the street and take pictures of people without their permission to use in their news stories? News stories which are saying negative things about the people who they took their picture of? All those headless bodies are having a judgement made on them: you’re a fattie! you’re going to die of lung cancer!

On more positive stories, you see people on bikes or running being shown too.

I really think that us Joe Bloggs should be allowed to control our image in the media. If we were a celebrity we would be able to. The media seem to think that if they don’t show your head then your anonymity is protected. It isn’t. We do actually have eyes and mirrors and can identify ourselves from other parts of ourselves.


Am I talking out of my ass?

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