Louise Minchin SHUT UP!

Dear Ms Minchin

Please shut up.

I don’t think someone who has lost their son in tragic circumstances needs to be told “and it had devastating circumstances”.

I don’t think anyone who has lost someone needs to be told, in monotone voice, “that is awful/terrible/horrific”.

If you’re going to say such plainly obvious things then at least put some emotion into it instead of sounding like you’re reading an auto-cue.

Similarly, Holly Willoughby, we don’t need to hear you mention to everyone about “how terrible you would feel if it were your child”. We know you’re fertile, we don’t need another reminder. And we don’t need to hear about how you’re only thinking of your own children and how it would affect you whenever you’re interviewing someone who has lost a child.

I’m not expecting either of you to go all Pip Schofield on us, but as least act like a compassionate human being rather than a robot or a narcissist.


Am I talking out of my ass?

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