This is what happens when you farm out IT services to departments

Today I got a lovely email from my IT department. I had asked them to help me configure outlook for my tablet as it is inaccessible in its new Windows 8.1 form. For example, the writing is too small to read and the emails are squeezed together so tightly that I cannot select the one that I want.

Given that academics are expected to be available 24/7 is it not reasonable that they help configure computing equipment that you are using to remain contactable out of hours?

Plus, this is an accessibility issue. The university are using a program that disadvantages users with sight or mobility issues. This should be a top priority for the university as using this inaccessible software is in breach of the Equal Opps law.

But, no. I got a “bugger you and yer ma” email response saying they don’t deal with personal equipment.

So, someone is getting a dead frog in the internal mail tomorrow…..


Am I talking out of my ass?

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