As much as I love you T in the Park I’m glad you’re moving

I love that Scotland has a music festival like T in the Park.

I also love that it is only once a year, and will love it even more next year when it’s moved.

My complaint: the traffic and the knobs driving.

The “official” route from Glasgow is up the A977, which for those of you who are not acquainted with this dear little road, is what I like to call “lorry hell”. It is completely unsuitable for sending people down. They would be better going over the Forth Road Bridge and up the M80. I can guarantee you it will be faster. The A977 is a single carriage way with very few overtaking spaces, filled with lorries and tractors, and twats driving Jags at 40mph. It is a nightmare the best of times.

In anticipation, whoever it is that decides these things, had put in restritctions for the WEDNESDAY through MONDAY. Seems a bit excessive for something that starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. One of the joys is miles and miles of 30 mph roads. At least the legion of VW vans circa 1973 will be ok, then.

And the twats, despite being told not to, block the entire motorway service stations for the entire period, that is at Kinross, because they’ve got their Aunt Agnus and Uncle Bob to drop them off. Even though they aren’t suppose to.

So, you can’t park in the service station, have a rest and get a coffee. Next best thing is the numerous lay-bys on the A977. But, oh no, because of twats parking there to drop people off they are manned by security. The residents along that road even have to have security outside their drive ways to stops these assholes from parking there.

Basically, if you are driving anywhere near Balado for best part of a week, you’re screwed.

No flippin’ wonder that the locals are pleased to see them go. Balado might be a honking big airfield but it has crap roads round it. There are better places to put it.

As per usual, many of these issues would not be issues if people where just kind and considerate drivers. And, of course, planning a festival for 80,000 somewhere that actually has the network capacity to host it. Picking somewhere that had a train station would be my tip.

So, purpose #1 of this post: vent rage. Purpose #2: allow would be T in the Parkers to realise that their knobbish behaviour does actually impact others (think of those poor people who live on that road!). Purpose #3: any would be T in the Parkers thinking of illegally parking their car or being dropped off outside of official sites, this is to let you know that the security guards have eyes like hawks and the polis are everywhere.


UPDATE: I’ve noticed some people googling where to get dropped off….so, you could chance it at Kinross service station but be warned that it is probably being patrolled by security and you’ll get booted out pretty quick without dropping your passengers off. There is nowhere either side for miles that isn’t patrolled. And the police will also be out in force. If you don’t want an encounter with a very angry large security bloke and your car to get dinged by twats in cars older than yer ma’ my recommendation is to use the official drop of points. You are warned.


Am I talking out of my ass?

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