Nine-to-five vs 24/7 universities

I nearly choked on my Sugar Puffs today.

I was reading today’s copy of THE. Malcolm Gillies, retiring embattled VC of London Met, had written his last Opinion piece on VC “consorts”.

He mentions that there are two types of universities: those with a 9-to-5 ethos, and those with 24/7 expectations.

This was when the Sugar Puff incident happened.

Pray tell, Malcolm, where are these “9-to-5” universities. Is “universities” even the correct word? Perhaps “university”?

Where is this Camelot? Does it have staff parking for more than 5 vehicles? Does it have coffee shops that stay open during summer? Does it have research support staff that aren’t perennially away on annual leave during the summer?

C’mon, Malcolm, we’re all dying to know….and by dying I mean having a coronary at my desk and being found by the cleaning staff at 6am…..


Am I talking out of my ass?

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