Cold callers at the door…..AGAIN!

I’m so flippin’ annoyed!

After saving up a deposit for 10 years to buy a nice house in a nice area it seems I can look forward to an endless parade of charities and businesses knocking on the door….every flippin’ day!

After spending my life as a scruffy working class oik I finally move to an affluent area and everyone and their ma who has something to flog makes a beeline here.

The businesses aren’t too bad.

But flippin’ charities! They will not take “no” for an answer…..”just sign up to a month and then you can cancel it”….what is the point of that? I’m guessing these guys are on commission as I never get the impression they really care so long as you fill in a direct debit form.

Just go away!

I bet they don’t do this in Easterhouse!


Am I talking out of my ass?

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