Yes, yes, yes, oh god, yes! vs No no no no

In my drive through Scotland yesterday I started to see “Yes” signs appearing in windows.

It is quite strange, I thought, how these days the words “yes” and “no” seem to have become much bigger things than their humble few letters would suggest.

Do you want Scottish independence? Do you want to be part of the EU? Do you want the euro?

About a third of those living in Scotland haven’t made their mind up. Apparently, it is all to play for.

Ah dinnae thinks say!

Seriously, do we really think that the biggest decision that Scots will make in their lifetime can be decided in 3 months? My gut says, if you haven’t made up your mind yet, or haven’t been convinced one way or the other, you are unlikely to make such a huge decision in the next 3 months. My gut says, these people either won’t vote or they’ll play it safe and vote no. I predict a 47% turn out.

It is merely my personal POV. Don’t we like to sit with our decision for some time, on such a big issue, before actually following through and acting? Is three months enough?

I am a little worried that there could be a bit of public disorder when the vote is announced.

And where does the SNP go next if it all goes tits up? They aren’t going to roll over. I suspect that they’ll become even more hard line in their exchanges with London. I’m no SNP voter, but I am a leftie. Bar the inevitable anti-English rhetoric – and someone seriously needs to take Salmond to court for it as it is just plain racism – I quite like some of their policies. I just don’t think they are sustainable in the long run. When one group benefit another gets their funding cut (such as the 15% boost to HE at the detriment of FE as SNP are courting the middle class voters for the independence vote). I also think that the SNP are one of the few groups trying to fight the increasing centralisation of the UK in London.

PS. Have the SNP thought of using the infamous scene from When Harry Met Sally to advertise their stance? Have the No campaign thought of that guy from Vicar of Dibley? Or that 2Unlimited song from the 90s? No, No, No, No……


Am I talking out of my ass?

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