Adult onset dyscalculia?

This is really odd….but a couple of months ago I started having a really bad problem with transposing numbers. I read and write numbers back to front and misremember them. I’ve ordered the wrong takeout for my parents, had credit cards declined and a bank transfer sent back because the numbers are right, but the wrong way around.

As any internet savvy adult with a mild case of hypochondria, I, of course, googled “adult onset dyscalculia”, which got me nowhere. Variations of the words as if I were mentally challenged were also typed in, but to no avail. Some other people mentioned the same thing happening to them but no-one has an answer. The closest I got was a head injury or dementia. Lovely!

Has something popped in my brain?

So, budding research psychologists! Potential thesis topic for you!


Answers on a postcard…..


Am I talking out of my ass?

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