Student Urban Myth#1

So, Tiffany’s friend Brittany’s friend Crystal’s (well, these are children of the 90’s after all) boyfriend Bob (mature student) had his essay remarked and it went up 35%! Can I have my essay remarked, please?


It’s always a friend of a friend of a friend, isn’t it?


Fact is, Bob doesn’t exist. He is an urban myth conjured by the sleep deprived caffeine addled minds of undergrads.


Please note: this NEVER happens.


While students seem keen to have their work remarked, thinking that it will always go up, they forget that it can quite easily go down. If you are really REALLY lucky it might go up by 2% due to a natural variance in marking (caffeine, sleep and cigarette consumption plays a role here, and whether you’ve just come from a meeting with HR/Finance/Estates), but it could just as easily go down by 2% too.


If I ever actually heard of a case of course work going up by 35% I would refer the marker to head of teaching….they are obviously not using the marking criteria or they have DID.


Am I talking out of my ass?

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