Health & Safety considerations

Dear Researcher

Please find attached your recent ethics form which is being returned to you as you have not completed the health and safety form.

Even though it is abundantly clear from your form that there are no health and safety considerations please indicate whether your proposed experiment will be using any of the following:

nuclear fusion

anthrax, small pox, Ebola or any other lethal virus or bacteria

black holes

hover craft


heroin, cocaine, marijuana or any other fun but illegal drug

exam boards

ground to air missiles, tanks, fighter jets

vending machine ‘coffee’

participants older than 21 years of age, or male participants

teacher training courses lasting longer than two days (please note that an additional from ‘how to deliver effective CPR’ will have to be submitted along with the health and safety form)

We loom forward to receiving your modified form

University Ethics Committee



Am I talking out of my ass?

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