Apparently, we should all be having heterosexual rumpy pumpy, so says Dr Hilary

I made the mistake this morning of switching over to ITV’s Lorraine and a story about women having pap smears.

Lorraine, some z list celeb and Dr. Hillary were waxing poetic about how magnificent it would be if 100% of women had the smear test. Then we would be able to detect cervical cancer early and save lives.

Firstly, I think it is up to the individual woman to make that choice. Give her the info and let her decide. There is no point brow beating people over personal choice.

Secondly, I may be mistaken here, but isn’t it the HPV virus that causes cervical cancer, i.e., you have to be heterosexually active to get either? I’ve Google it to death, and I can’t find any info to contradict my assumption. If this is correct, then is the Lorraine show not making a social judgement here by implying that (1) all women are sexually active in adulthood and (2) all women are having heterosexual sex? Presumably if you are either asexual or gay and have never had sex with a man then you don’t need a smear?

This seems to be part of a wider issue. The media tend to be at pains to make out that they are inclusive and don’t discriminate, but it is pieces like this were it bleeds out, and sexuality is a prime target. Basically, what you do or do not do in your bedroom is of no business to anyone else.


Note to self. Must put together that blog about the suspicion and discrimination against asexual people in society…


Am I talking out of my ass?

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