If you give me a deadline, please guarantee that you’re not on holiday then

I’ve had the joy recently of reviewing a textbook for a publisher. The non-joy part was being told I had two weeks to review it. I explained that it was exam marking season and they had zero chance of anyone agreeing to do that. I got an extension of a week.

I’ve spent my nights for the past week working my way through the book and filling in the mammoth questionnaire, which has come in at a staggering 26 pages.

I even finish a day early.

Puffed up with pride, I send my review to the contact at the publishing house.

I get an automatic reply saying the person is on holiday for the next week and a half…..


Why, oh WHY, give a deadline if you are on your vacation?

Thanks so much. You made me work my arse of to make the deadline and you’ve swanned off on your hols. At the very LEAST, you could have given me an alternative person to contact, let me know in advance, or change the flippin’ date.


Dear publisher, you are a major ARSEHOLE!


I hope you get food poisoning……


Am I talking out of my ass?

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