Bank “holidays”

Much to my surprise, I learned last week that Scottish universities now claim the Whit weekend as a bank holiday.


This is certainly a first.


The only reason I even vaguely know of this holiday is from people south of the border that I know. Traditionally, as far as I’m aware, Scotland doesn’t have Whit Monday as a bank holiday.


However, my US calender states it is a UK holiday, so obviously I’ve never been included in the memo.


But, it is exam marking season! I don’t normally take bank holidays, but this one particularly irks me. I HAVE to work it, as I have scripts to mark, but the Uni takes this day automatically from my vacation time. That really annoys me! Whose bright idea was that anyway? The VC? And do we seriously need two holiday – enforced holiday – days in May?


I’ve been told…”marking can wait till Tuesday”….from the same person who will bitch at me if I’m late in returning marks.


While it is nice to take the odd day off, I’d rather have control of those days, rather than being told which days they are. Who exactly do these enforced holiday days benefit? Wouldn’t we all rather have them freed up to use as we want?


Am I talking out of my ass?

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