Oh, the horror….

I stare in abject horror.

A light comes on over my head.

And then goes out.

What is the one thing that junior lecturers all have in common with one another?

No, this is not another one of those posts about how hard done by academics are.


The one thing that I would take a stab at them having in common is….a dirty fridge. The departmental fridge probably sees a cleaning cloth more often than mine, and that really is saying something.

Who actually has time to clean it? So what if there is  milk splashes all over it, and cloves of garlic circa 2005?

Choice: mark assignments vs clean fridge?

Write grant proposal vs clean fridge?

Write paper vs clean fridge?

Answer the 56 emails in your inbox vs clean fridge?

Guess which one always loses?


I suspect that the only thing that would win in such a competition would be remarking assignment from whiney student who thinks they are being undermarked….Dear student, Please fuck off, I have a fridge to clean…


So beware if I ever offer you a cup of tea…..alas, the tea stained coffee mug is another story…


Am I talking out of my ass?

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