Congratulations Austria…but shame on you BBC News

Austria’s Eurovision song was a well deserved winner but simply because it was the best song and performance on the night. That voice! Nothing more needs said.


Except, of course, if your are BBC News. Why do they feel the need to say “Austria’s bearded drag queen” won? Is that really necessary? Is was the winner looks like really of ANY importance? By doing that, the BBC are trying to point out that she is “different” in some way….do we really care? Are they trying to undermine her win by suggesting she won because she is a novelty act rather than that she had a great voice, a great song, and performed well on the night?


Mind you, did you hear the words in her song? BBC might be well advised not to piss her off, what with all those words about revenge….


Am I talking out of my ass?

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