There is always one asshole in every class….

I am one part amused, one part pissed off.

You practically give students the answer to an assignment. You’re even in contact with them during the Easter holidays while your colleagues on the course are on vacation.

But, of course, do students plan ahead? Do they even think that lecturers take holidays?

Oh, no.

They leave their assignment to the last week, during Easter break, and then moan when staff don’t respond to their emails.

Except, of course, I DID!

While you were working 2 hours a day at most over the break, I was doing 14 hour days. AND responding to your stoopid questions. Even though it wasn’t my assignment. Even though I knew pretty much nothing about it but even I could see the failures in logic expressed by the students….they were that basic.

So, thank you, asshole student, for leaving course feedback saying I refused point blank to help. And for criticising the most hard working member of staff for daring to take 5 days off…fuck you

I wish a third class degree on you and a career flipping burgers….


Am I talking out of my ass?

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