The misrepresentation of psychology on the BBC…again…and again….

BBC News, why oh why?

They have been criticised a lot over the last couple of years for misrepresentation of psychologists and psychotherapists on their news shows.

It usually goes like this…

“Hello psychologist/psychotherapist, lets talk about something that you are not qualified to talk about. You have kids? That is fantastic. You’re subjective experience is very important so let’s just talk about that. We won’t require you to talk about any objectively based evidence collected under controlled experimental conditions. What you do with your kids would be better”

These people are being put forward by the BBC as experts and professional. So, the public expect that everything that they say has some kind of evidence to it. What you do with your kids is not evidence. But because they are there in a professional capacity they are giving weight and credence to what they are saying. Just because you are a psychologist or psychotherapist and also a parent does not make you an expert on parenting anymore than anyone else who is a parent. In both cases, their views are subjective.

Despite the fact that there is a complaint with BBC Trust currently about this issue, they did it again today.

Amanda Dunlop, psychotherapist. Second thing the interviewers said to her was “you also have kids, don’t you?”, and the rest of the interview was specifically about her kids.

If she isn’t going to be interviewed as an expert psychotherapist then why bother? BBC could have interviewed any numpty on the street and found out exactly the same info.

Ms Dunlop was on BBC on 4th Nov 2013 doing exactly the same thing.

Thank you BBC. You are one of the primary reasons, no doubt, that the public think that psychologists and psychotherapist just spout common sense.


Am I talking out of my ass?

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