The answer to the universe is 42 billion

Well, I was left with a physics conunundrum yesterday while watching an old Horizon on the universe.

The age of the universe is 13.7 billion years old.

But that is the observable universe. Didn’t stop them dropping the “observable” part half way through….

However, the diameter of the universe is at least 42 billion light years across….

My heed was spinning……I thought this was the most important thing mentioned, but how these two things, which to my inexperienced eye, seem to conflict, was never explained.

I had to google it.

Apparently, the space between galaxies, according to Einstein, can increase faster than light.

But, also, were does the 42 figure come from, if the observable universe is only 13.7? I guess there is some super duper maths calculation which PREDICTS it. So, it is theoretically 42 billion light years across. And, because of the speed of light thingy we can’t ever actually measure it to verify it.

And, I see a nice link with the Answer to the Universe…..

I was also left wondering about the sphere they showed of the universe….I know I’m being really silly, but what’s in the centre? Creme egg?


Am I talking out of my ass?

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