A CV to aspire to….

Curriculum Vitae

Flippin Nora



Economic & Social Rejects Council (2014-2018): Are academics meglomaniacs? The nature vs nurture debate. £10,000,000.00

Marie Curry Fellowship (2013-2016): Marie Curry: A spice in context. £150,000.00

Biological Bull Shit Research Council (2012-2015): Neurocorrelates of academic disagreements: Naturally argumentative or environmental contrariness?



Flippin, N. (in press). How to win arguments with your head of department: The role of incriminating photographs. Nurture.

Flippin, N. (2014). Reducing your workload through devious means. Scientology.

Flippin, N. (2013). The biological basis of crap RAE rankings. Nurture Neuroshite.

Flippin, N. (2012). The association between Facebook and grade inflation: A case of adult ADHD? Psychological Shite.

Flippin, N. (2012). Leather sofas: Essential office furniture? In C. Rapp & W.W. Wibble (Eds), What are indirect costs on Research Council grants? University of the Highlands & Islands University Press.

Flippin, N. & Ra’ndy-Bugger (2012): Sleeping with your supervisor: Recourse or intercourse?

Flippin, N. (2011). A-Z of installing Sky Movies in your office and getting your department to fund it. Business, Industry & Skills Technical Manual.

Flippin, N. (2010). The downward spiral: Are all academics alcoholic narcissists? PhD thesis.


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