Metro, all is forgiven

Dear Metro

I forgive you for endlessly shoving Jessica Ennis in my face day on day.

What is behind this change of heart?

Firstly, I am just contrary….

But, secondly, there was a wonderful interview with Her Majesty of Piano Tori Amos today.

Very unexpected.

Ms Amos is behind some of my best memories of my younger days. ‘Pink’ saw me through my teenage years, ‘Earthquakes’ through my undergrad years, and ‘Scarlet’s Walk’ through my year of writing my thesis. The latter is one of my all time favourite albums.

Now, Metro, how about an interview with PJ Harvey or Fiona Apple? ‘Sea/city’ and ‘Desire’ are just wonderful from start to end, and the first two Apple albums were the music of my PhD days. It truly was a wonderful time for women artists.

Are there any artists or albums that are like a soundtrack to your life?


Am I talking out of my ass?

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