Sorry to interupt your story about being hit by a bus. I’ve got to update my status on Facebook

This little anecdote will be familiar to pretty much everyone these days, but how does it make you feel?

About 15 years ago a good friend got a mobile phone. None of us had them, but her mates back home had them, and they use to text each other. Constantly. This friend also felt the need to text while in conversation with the group of people around her. We told her it was rude, but she didn’t care. So, we use to switch her phone off when she was out the room.

Of course, pretty much everyone does this these days. Visiting your dying granny. “Oh excuse me gran, really important text to send, don’t die while I’m doing it”.

When you’re in a social situation is there ever any need to check your phone unless there is some dire emergency going on?

Personally, when I see family and friends checking their twitter account or facebook page while visiting I can really pissed off, and usually tell them what rude pricks they’re being. But they REALLY don’t understand what the problem is.

It’s rude! It is the equivalent of eating with your gob open.

Likewise, if you are at a meeting, even if it is reaaaally boring, don’t keep checking your phone. It is extremely rude to the person who is speaking or leading the meeting. You don’t see your boss doing it (and if they do, time for a coup d’etat).

Seriously, you are not that important. It can wait. And surely knowing whether you’ve been given a superpoke or a like or a retweet can wait until after you’ve visited your elderly mother. Informing her of any of those three things is likely to make her think you’ve got syphilis…..


Am I talking out of my ass?

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