Kids are crap. Older people are great version 2

Apparently, old people are a pain in the ass. They block beds in hospital and money is having to be diverted from REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF FOR KIDS to pay for it.

Boo hoo. My hearts bleed for all those unfortunate and deprived kiddies whose parents are having to pay someone else minimum wage to raise them, having to make the decision as to whether to by the Nike or Puma trainers, caving in and buying the newest most infashion toy that they really don’t need, and only being able to afford two foreign holidays a year.

My heart really does bleed. Let’s just kill everyone over 60 and that should sort this problem out.

But, I see a snag. If all the oldies are knocked off, who will provide free 24/7 childcare for these most unfortunate kids?

Older people have paid their taxes (unlike kids), contributed in innumerable ways to society, and are pretty much raising their grand kids with no payment for their time.

And this is the thanks we give them? Calling them bed blockers? The four horseman of the NHS apocalypse?

And these kids are not having a hard time. They have more MORE MORE than any generation before them. Seriously, you don’t need the new Mutant Turtle blaster van, or the new pair of trainers, or the foreign holidays. I’m sure if the post war kids could survive then so can you. We are after all, hearing about how resourceful and resilient children are these days.

Now, there are children living in poverty. You’re probably really aware of this because the media seems determined that this is ingrained in our psyche’s so much we’ll all put it on our tombs.

But, older people are living in poverty too. If you think living on child benefits is hard, try the state pension.

There is an unwritten rule about society in that you can tell a lot about it by how it treats the most vulnerable. The current Tory government definitely get an F on this. But, please remember, older people, and even not so old, can be just as vulnerable as a kid. While kids can have their parents act as their champions, older adults usually have to do it themselves.

The media seem to think that everyone loves kids and see how fabulous they are. All I see is the next generation of serial killers, especially given the way they are currently being raised. Kids suck! Older people are ace. They’ll actually hold a conversation with you without feeling the need to tweet, update their facebook page at the same time and watch youtube. Basically, they have manner and social etiquette, something which is severely lacking in today’s kids


Am I talking out of my ass?

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