Dear Online Open Access Editor

Rock Doc's Blog

Do not send me threatening emails. It’s not going to end well.

When I agree to a review a manuscript and am told I have 6 weeks to submit the review, then I expect to get the 6 weeks to do it.

Do not send me an email after 3.5 weeks telling me that my services are no longer needed and threatening to spread my name as a “lazy reviewer who does not complete their reviews on time”.

You know what happens in the real world? I stop reviewing for your journal that has no impact factor. I tell everyone I know to stop reviewing for your no-name journal that nobody takes seriously anyway – I mean have you actually seen the quality of the manuscripts you send out for review? People submit their work to your journal because it’s of such poor quality that they simply can’t get it accepted into…

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Am I talking out of my ass?

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