You can only believe in god if you feel it. Data is irrelevant

I was recently “Jehovah’ed”. I do love it when the Jehovah’s Witnesses come knocking. No, I really do. Having surrounded myself with die hard atheists over the years, the only really good discussions I have on religion are when the JW’s come to the door.

I am a 100% atheist. No wishy washy agnosticism for me. But I’m not one of those foul mouthed militant ones, a la Dawkins, who thinks that those who shout loudest win.

I find religion fascinating. The imagery of Catholicism. The sparseness of Protestantism. I always felt a contradiction on this one. If I was a Christian I would love all the rituals and idols of Catholicism but agree with the idea that Joe Bloggs should be able to communicate with their god directly. A conundrum if I were Christian.

I don’t think the religion vs atheism discussion is one of scientific data.

It is one of faith.

If you have faith in a god, you FEEL it. It is part of your very core. No amount of data is going to shift your view. Likewise, if you are an atheist, you don’t feel it, and no amount of thinking about religion is going to persuade you otherwise. If you don’t feel it, and you follow a religion, you’re a phoney, and your god will know it! Similarly, if you say you’re an atheist but you feel the faith, then you’re being a hypocrite. You’re going to hell, buddy….

I told the JW, God could materialise in front of me, and I still wouldn’t have faith. I could agree that, yes, god apparently exists, but I still don’t believe in him. Simply, because I don’t feel it. To me, it is not an issue of evidence, it is a matter of….faith



Am I talking out of my ass?

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