Why parents are to blame for their zombie kids

Metro’s letter pages are filled today with incensed parents.

Metro ran a story about how children are turning into zombies because they are in school clubs for 10 hours a day because their parents are at work.

Parents are outraged.

‘We are not to blame!’ they cry, ‘what else can we do?’ they scream.

Er, a case of the horse has already bolted, me think.

You should have thought about ALL OF THIS before you had the kids.

You should have thought about where you were going to live, how you would juggle work and parenting BEFORE you had a kid.

Of course you’re to blame….they’re your kids being affected by your decisions. I’m always amazed how parents want to take the credit for when their kids are successful but duck for cover when they misbehave or turn out screwed up. Apparently, children grow up in a vacuum….

And, no, the answer is not Grandma and Grandpa, aka free childcare. They’re your children, not theirs. They did there job raising their kids, and I bet they gave it more thought than you did. And the answer is not more benefits. You get enough of my taxes for not looking after your kids as it is.

In case you haven’t worked it out yet, ‘having it all’ is a myth. You have to compromise. But not with your kids.


Am I talking out of my ass?

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