You have just gotta love teenagers

I know I shouldn’t find this funny….


A teenage girl from Holland emailed an airport in the US saying she was with Al Queda and going to launch a terrorist attack on them. The airport EMAILED back and said that they take this kind of thing seriously (NO!) and had informed the FBI and given them her IP address and were tracking her.

She posted the email on Twitter and got 10,000 retweets.

She EMAILED BACK and said it was a joke and it was actually her “friend” who did it

You have just gotta love teenagers….

For me personally, when I send even slightly offensive emails, I get a personal visit from my boss.

Relatedley, I have the joy each day of seeing names scratched into the windows of my bus.

Only a teenager would scratch THEIR name into a bus window.

Next time, they might want to add address, email and phone number. I know how “busy” and “stretched” the police are (read: incompetent), so we don’t want to make the job too hard for them….


Am I talking out of my ass?

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