Would you like a Dell or Apple, a Dell or Apple, or even, a Dell or Apple?

If you’ve ever wondered why Dell and Apple make such huge pots of cash look no further than academia.

Need a new PC?

Need a laptop?

Dare to desire a tablet?

Want to get your university to pay for it?

If so, don’t dare to dream of a Sony or Samsung. You’ll get a choice from Dell or Apple, or Dell or Apple, or even, Dell and Apple.

And, of course, you can’t have it for the price you’d get at Currys. OH NO! It has to be at least three times what you could pick it up there for!

Suddenly that nice pot of research cash ain’t going far.

I tried getting a tablet with some research cash last year. I wanted a Windows surface as (1) I HATE apple (2) I HATE linux (3) I at least know where Control Panel is in Windows

“But we only deal with Apple. If you want Windows then it’ll cost you 1k and, oh by the way, none of us are trained in anything other than Apple so we can’t offer you support when it goes tits up”. I gave up and bought it myself from Currys for £320.

I’m getting a new laptop courtesy of the mysterious Equipment Fund.

I have a choice of Dell, Dell or Dell.

I suppose this is marginally better than an Acer.



Am I talking out of my ass?

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