The Halcyon days of pop culture

Pray tell, good reader, am I culturally bankrupt for never having seen Game of Thrones?

Or Lord of the Rings.

Or Breaking Bad

Or The Hobbit

Or Spiderman (that one may be stretching it)

Doesn’t Sean Bean buy it in everything? Doesn’t that kinda ruin everything?

What IS the difference between an elf and an ork?

Isn’t Smaug something that blows in over London periodically grounding planes?

Can we go back to the days when the water cooler talk was all about Buffy vs Angel? DS9 vs Babylon 5? God, even better, original Vecchio vs new Vecchio? Whether West Wing would have been better without Bartlett? Did X Files jump the shark after it moved to LA?

Can you tell my pop culture references stalled around 1999?

Is it that obvious?


Am I talking out of my ass?

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