Making Friends: A Guide for The Socially Bankrupt

Some Offense Intended

Connecting with other human beings can be hard for some of us. When you’re the kind of person who is intimidated by social interaction you find yourself saying nothing or saying the wrong things. People in the real world are way harder to understand than any of the fictional characters you relate to and it’s nearly impossible to know whether or not they would like to be your friend.

People tend to like me. For the most part anyway. It may take a few conversations but a lot of people enjoy my company if not for nothing more than as the occasional novelty. Why? I couldn’t tell you exactly but I have my theories. Most of these theories revolve around the idea that most people have deeper seeded emotional issues than they think that result in them lashing out against themselves by choosing to hang out with socially oblivious assholes…

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Am I talking out of my ass?

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