Are you psycho-analysing me?

As a psychologist the most frequent question I get is “are you psycho-analysing me?”

I bet this rings true for most psychologists.

In my younger days, around the time when the first animal crawled from the sea onto land, I use to say “nooooo!!”

I have since realised, the obvious answer is “yes”.

The main reason for saying yes is that it seriously freaks them out. This is the best reason for doing most things.

However, it is also damn well true! I would challenge any psychologist to admit that they don’t do it.

My friends and I use to have great fun diagnosing staff and students with the DSM. Hilarious, given that none of us believe in the reliability of the DSM, but it is so adaptable. Give me any perfectly sane person and I can find something in DSM to diagnose them with.

If you can’t do the latter, then what the feck is the personality disorder section for??


Am I talking out of my ass?

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