Time to name and shame

No, I am not privileged to some Tory scandal, but I did see something very scandalous today.

So, if you own a green VW with reg number SJ13 WJO I am naming and shaming you!

You are a dangerous driver and a fucking disgrace.

This grade A twat tail gated a learner motorcycle driver for several miles.

And when I say tail gate, I mean, he was literally half a foot behind. There are fag papers wider than this distance this guy left.

A bit of fore thought and compassion please. Tail gating happens, and I think some of the marginal kinds are completely by accident. You don’t know that you’re doing it.

But this went of for miles and was blatant.

So, once the L driver had turned off, and the guy in front of me turned off, I was behind this twat.

So, I tail gated him for the next few miles.


I hope you enjoyed the experience.

And, btw, villages are not there for you to drive through at 50mph. There is an actual speed limit you are suppose to abide by.

That makes you an even bigger twat



Am I talking out of my ass?

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