Never mind boy racers, they face the human extinction programme, but these twats are truly dangerous

I know, I know, not another post about twat drivers.

This one is probably for women, driving smaller cars, when they *OMG* dare to overtake a bloke in a flashy car!! THE HORROR! Not your place WOMAN!

Have you noticed that sometimes when you are overtaking a bloke in an expensive car he suddenly starts accelerating?

He’ll have been  twatting along at around 45 for miles. Get to a great overtaking spot, so you go for it. It’s at this point he’s clocked the shame of (1) being overtaken by a women (2) and in a less expensive and less powerful car. Oh the SHAME! You’ll need to show your general superiority and that your car has a bigger engine by suddenly finding the gas peddle which had seemed to allude you for the previous 10 miles. No, once woman-in-wee-car has committed herself, time to hit the gas.

You are a twat, Mr. A grade A twat.

Let me reassure you that if I crash, and live, I will bankrupt you. And if you kill me, my family are under strict rules to use the money from my estate to bankrupt you so badly that we take your kids’ inheritance too.


Am I talking out of my ass?

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