Is Sherlock a schizoid?

You know you’ve been watching too much of BBC’s Sherlock when you find yourself shouting MIND PALACE when you can’t think of what you want to remember. Although, the mind palace is a misleading concept of memory. You do not have to delete something out of your memory to encode something new, even if you are an Ivy League professor with a fish/student issue.

Relatedly, can we hope in the future to see MIND DUSTBIN come into common parlance, as an indicator of an idea so crap it isn’t worth storing in memory?

Anyway, I digress once again….

It is repeatedly mentioned in Sherlock that he is a sociopath or has Asperger’s. Although this seems like a case of pathologising someone who is different to most others, and I’m about to do it myself, he clearly isn’t. Superficially, he may kinda resemble one or the other on occasions.

But, his behaviour is class textbook schizoid. Largely concerned with intellectual pursuits with little interest in emotions, doesn’t believe he needs friends, and apparently has no interest in sex. Likes to be by himself.

This all sounds like classic schizoid.

I have found over the years that numerous students have received an AS diagnosis, but after getting to know them, I have felt that they aren’t really, but are more akin to a schizoid. My primary reason for this assumption is that they aren’t interested in social relationships, whereas AS individuals usually want them but are anxious about them.

But, of course, schizoid isn’t in the common parlance of society or medicine. But it does suggest some misunderstanding about what AS, in particular, is.


Am I talking out of my ass?

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