Alcohol at work functions

I’ve written about this before but it has recently cropped up again at work, as it inevitably will to the year dot because I’m dealing with academics.

Staff/student functions, hosted on campus. University will fund the food but not the alcohol. So staff have to pay for it.

It’s not a large sum. But it isn’t the money I have issue with.

The university obviously has an issue with paying for staff drinking, that’s why they won’t fund it, so why permit it on their premises AT ALL?

Secondly, as a nondrinker, I shouldn’t have to pay for you getting pissed, especially at work. You won’t pay for my vices so why should I pay for yours?

Oh, I forgot. Drinking is socially acceptable. You’re weird if you don’t do it. You’re not to be trusted (these are things that colleagues have actually said to me).

Thirdly, as a driver, I have inevitably had to ferry drunk staff home. They ignore you all night and then come begging for a lift. As a thank you, they throw up in your back seat.

It’s nice to be invited to staff do’s for the sole purpose of being a taxi service. Real nice.

Finally, drunk people just aren’t that interesting……


Am I talking out of my ass?

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