Society needs to take animal cruelty seriously

Last year, it was made an offense to attack a guide dog. Such an attack would be treated as an assault on the owner. MPs finally passed it into law after vigorous campaigning that saw people across the UK encouraged to contact their MP about it.

About bloody time.

Anyone with a disability is more vulnerable to being the victim of crime and those partially sighted or blind are particularly vulnerable targets by the most low of society.

However….this another issue, one that I hold equally as dear to me as fair and equal treatment to everyone.

Why do the authorities not take cruelty to animals seriously? At the very most, you’ll get a ban on keeping animals (and usually note for life) and maybe a fine (and not a particularly bad one).

Those who are cruel to animals are the scum of the earth. They do so because they are an easy target just like vulnerable people. The motivations behind cruelty to animals and people are the same. The types of people who do it are the same.

I think that we should care for animals just like we would people for no other reason than they are living creatures.

But, if you are personally motivated and couldn’t give a toss about animals, bear this in mind.

The majority of convicted offenders serving time in prison meet the criteria for sociopathy. One of the triad of sociopathy is animal cruelty (along with bed wetting and fire starting). Having been cruel to animals in the past is a big predictor of serious crime in the future. So, the person who kills your neighbour’s cat is also likely to be the one that rapes or kills you.

So, if you want to put personal safety at the top of the list, it is in our interests as a society to catch these fuckers, as early as possible, and punish and rehabilitate them. The police and legal system have to be encouraged to take animal cruelty seriously, especially in children, and intervene. It is a BIG warning sign. We might as well write ‘future one man crime wave’ on their forehead, if we could write small enough and get it in.


Am I talking out of my ass?

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