Evidence that we let anyone into degrees nowadays….

Dear Student

I am sorry that you found the reading list for yesterday’s lecture confusing. Yes, the textbook chapter referenced in the lecture is not the correct one. Well done for spotting that. Give your self a clap on the back.

You kindly outlined whether it should be chapter 6 or 7 which certainly narrows it down for a doddery old fool like me.

However, given that the title of one of the chapters is exactly the same as the name of the lecture title outlined in font 48 on the first slide I thought you might be able to put two and two together. Apparently not. Psychology students generally aren’t known for there mathematical abilities, apparently. Well, you lot certainly tell me that every year when you try to con me into performing a t-test on your final year research data anyway.

So, I will politely decline to answer your question in the mistaken belief that I can encourage you towards independent thinking.

Now PISS OFF and stop sending me pointless emails.

With the best of wishes,



Am I talking out of my ass?

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