Cosmos: The scientist/philosopher caveman (and women too)

Dear Cosmos Producers

While watching your show on Nat Geo today I was slightly perturbed by the scene where the cavemen and women look up into the sky. As highlighted by the presenter, they were scientifically curious, philosophical thinkers….and they were white. Very white.

I take it from this that we are, therefore, to assume that they are also Western or Northern Europeans? Are you saying that tens of thousands of years ago, cavemen/women were WEIRD?

I find this very odd. Forgive me for being naive, but I would have thought white, very white, cavemen/women this far back in time would be likely not to be white, very white? Just in terms of, y’know, geography, and all that, given that northern Europe is only a tiny proportion of the planet.

I also find it very strange that as a population that have left no written record or even cave paintings this far back in time (which I assume is very far back given the way you chose to portray them, such as with no jewellery), that you would speak as though it is an established fact that primitive man did look to the stars and wonder about the movements of the stars in anything more than a very rudimentary way (and there isn’t even any evidence of this latter assumption).

Without an archaeological record of any kind, how did you come to this amazing conclusion?

Have you thought of publishing it in Nature or Science?

Warm regards (around a fire dressed in wolf skin)




Am I talking out of my ass?

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