Where’s my pay rise?

Five years of 1% pay increases for university staff.

At least five years of above inflation pay increases for Vice Chancellors.

Not to mention the ‘perks’, such as cash bonuses, redecorating of offices, chauffeurs, cars, pension bonuses and holiday homes.

Year on year, we hear about VCs getting 15% increases while their staff get 1%.

I don’t have any particular issue with my salary. Until recently, I was very comfortable. Then I bought a house, and look forward every month to one-third of it going on my mortgage. I suppose this is most people’s grumble. More goes out on mortgage/rent, heating, travelling expenses, food. It would be nice to have some money left at the end of the month so I could buy furniture!

But if the academics are grumbling, what about the support staff? Your departmental secretary is the lynch pin of a successful and functional department, and they are getting a tiny slice of what academics get. Think of how much more admin crap and student enquiries you would have to deal with if you didn’t have support staff in the general office?

In fact, how about we fire three-quarters of the HR department, and anyone associated with “KE” (still don’t know what that stands for).

Then we could use the money saved to give the VCs an extra 15% pay rise…..


Am I talking out of my ass?

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