Wanted: Thwarted action movie director for historical documentary

As a big consumer of, what I would call History Porn, I do love history documentaries.

But as I was watching The Plantagenets last week alongside History Channel’s Crusade, I was thinking about how kinda samey the battle scenes are. Lots of raised swords and yelling ‘aaaagh’.

Who comes up with this shit?

Is there a job advert that goes out saying ‘Wanted: Failed action movie director wanted for BBC documentary’??

I assume directing a battle scene requires some kind of technical expertise. Is there a course on ‘How to film an historical battle’ in Film School? Are all those film directors who really want to film the next Bruce Willis action flick destined for Historical Battle Purgatory?

Never mind all the extras who dress up like twats and yell ‘aaagh’. Are they recruited from the local pub on a Friday night?

It all sounds, to me, like blokey twitter.

Save us all the bother and go fish out your He-Man figures from your parents’ loft….

EDIT. Apparently this is the first post on WP to have the tag ‘general twattery’….


Am I talking out of my ass?

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