The ’40 Club’

What’s your number?

Well, what is it?

No, I’m not asking you about THAT.

What I want you to ask yourself is ‘are you in the 40 club?’

Still none the wiser?

Picture this: you are driving along a nice country road. The road has a few small bends in it but is largely straight. It is a nice day, the sun is out, the road is dry, and there isn’t any mud or puddles. It is summer.
How fast are you going?

I do a lot of driving on country roads, most of them as I’ve described above. But what eternally frustrates me is the ’40 club’: those driving at 40mph. And if you have a sat nav in your car, you’ll see that, while they think they’re doing 40, it’s actually closer to 36.

And they are EVERYWHERE.

They are usually in one of those wee city cars (especially Fiats, Nissans, Hyundais) or KIAs or Jags (who knew that Jags could only do 40?), only going a few miles (a relief, but there is always someone else to replace them a few miles down the road), with a queue of traffic behind them.

I’ve also noticed that those in the 40 Club are usually hesitant, unconfident, wobble all over the road, and go through 20 and 30 zones doing 40, suggesting that they are not observing the rules of the road or the road signs. You see them in motorway slip roads as well with the traffic backing up behind them.

While the police are so fixated on those speeding they have failed to realise the association between those doing 40 whatever the speed limit is and the alarming behaviours I have just outlined.

Given these behaviours, I think the police should be taking notice, and pulling these drivers over to check that they are fit to drive.

And, the queue of traffic. There are some people who will not overtake under any circumstances no matter how perfect the situation is. These people need to be pulled over by the police too. Hasty drivers get prosecuted because they can be dangerous, but what about hesitant and unconfident drivers? In a queue of traffic, if the first driver is doing 40 in a 60 zone, and the driver behind won’t overtake, this pushes the decision onto the third driver, who then has to make a decision about whether to overtake two cars rather than one.

Likewise, convoys of lorries. When there are two or more lorries behind each other, either one pulls over to let the traffic overtake, or leave a sufficient gap between each other so people can overtake one at a time. As the police like to tell us FRUSTRATION KILLS.

It just all snowballs when you have a driver doing ridiculously slow speeds on open roads with 60 speed limits. It should be about driving to the road conditions not what you feel ‘safe’ doing. If you don’t feel ‘safe’ driving at the appropriate speed then it’s time to hang up the driving gloves


Am I talking out of my ass?

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